Excerpts from Seagate internal website

About Eco Seagate

So what is Eco Seagate?

The objective of this event is to reinforce Seagate's Corporate Values of People, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Openness and Social Responsibility -- and to learn lessons and build skills that we can all take back to the business to better achieve our Corporate Objectives. Eco Seagate will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand from February 4-9, 2007.

Eco Seagate emphasizes individual execution in support of team-based innovation and communication. Participants are assigned to a team of five people from different Seagate organizations and with varying degrees of athletic ability. The event includes physical, experiential and learning activities, including athletic events such as mountain bike riding, kayaking/rafting skills, hiking/navigation, rope skills and other disciplines. Participants train and learn for four days, and on the fifth day, apply that knowledge in a challenging adventure race.

Eco Seagate is not really about winning the race, nor is it about athletic prowess. Employees with a wide range of physical abilities have successfully completed prior Eco Seagate events, and employees with disabilities or medical restrictions should not rule out their participation. Eco Seagate is about identifying and overcoming barriers, and excelling as an individual and a team member.

Eco Seagate Mission Statement

Eco Seagate's mission is to break down barriers to individual, team and Company success by building cross-functional, team-based leadership skills. Through environmentally aware, socially responsible learning and competition that incorporates our Corporate Values, Eco Seagate teaches the value of teamwork, communication, and strategic risk-taking -- and helps drive a culture of excellence at Seagate.