CSIS 626 Project: Rev 1.0

  1. Save these files in C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19\webapps\csis626
    index.html    login.jsp    scheduler.jsp    loginfailure.html    stthomaslogo.gif

  2. Save this file in C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19\webapps\csis626\WEB-INF
    Don't forget to fill in the username and password.

  3. Save these files in C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19\webapps\csis626\WEB-INF\classes\csis626
    LoginBean.java    DataSourceBean.java    StudentData.java
Don't forget to COMPILE the *.java files!

Program Description

  1. The program prompts user for Student ID and Password.

  2. It then authenticates the user. (Checks password pulled from database against user input.)

  3. If invalid username/password, user will be informed of failure to login and prompted to login again.

  4. If user has been authenticated, page will display Student Personal Info
    (Object StudentData is created)