CSIS 626 Project: Rev 2.0

It is important that you follow these instructions carefully and in the order given for the programs to work correctly.
The RMI interface and implementation codes have been placed into a csis626 package. This is because when using TomCat it doesn't allow beans to be placed into the default package. And since the beans use the named package of csis626, the RMI stub and interface classes should be the same for it to be able to locate them easily.

To save files, right click on the link and select Save Target As.
Make sure that the saved files have not been renamed!

  1. Save these files in C:\YourServerDirectory\csis626
    DBInterface.java    DB.java    SimpleDataSource.java   

    * SimpleDataSource.java is taken from BigJava Cay Horstmann (http://www.horstmann.com/bigjava.html)

  2. Compile the java files

  3. Compile the RMI stub

  4. Copy from
       DBInterface.class, DB_Stub.class

  5. Save these files in C:\YourServerDirectory\
    DBServer.java    database.properties    my.policy   

  6. Fill in the username and password for the database.properties file.

    If your MySQL database is not on the same server as your RMI server:
       Change the url from localhost to the location of the MySQL server.

    It is used for connecting to the MySQL database GRAD_DEGREE.

  7. Compile the DBServer.java file

  8. Save these files in C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19\webapps\csis626
    index.html    login.jsp    loginfailure.html    scheduler.html    noframe.html
    menu.html    personal.jsp    logout.jsp    stthomaslogo.gif

  9. Save this file in C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19\webapps\csis626\WEB-INF\classes\csis626

  10. You will need to modify LoginBean.java for your RMI registry server location. Search for the method authenticate() and replace
    with (localhost if your RMI server is on the same machine as TomCat)

  11. Compile the LoginBean.java file

Running the Program

  1. Start up the MySQL server

  2. Start up the rmiregistry

  3. Start up the RMI Server

  4. Start up your TomCat Server

  5. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/csis626

  6. The login webpage for the student scheduler should be displayed.

Program Description

  1. The difference between this program and Rev 1.0 is:

  2. The program prompts user for Student ID and Password.

  3. It then authenticates the user. (Checks password pulled from database against user input.)

  4. If invalid username/password, user will be informed of failure to login and prompted to login again.

  5. If user has been authenticated, page will display Student Personal Info

  6. User will have the option to select from a menu to display:
    Only Personal Info works at this time!