My Garden

These are my favourite pictures of my garden taken over the years. Some of the flowers here are annuals that may not be chosen to be replanted the next year.

Orange Tulip Red Tulip Ferns Sempervivum
White Lilac Pink Lilac Light Purple Lilac Purple Lilac
Anabelle Hydrangea Iris Crabapple Blossoms Duck Weed
Impatiens Floss Flower (Ageratum) Geranium Dianthus
Blue Pansy Red Pansy Marigold Verbena
Red Asiatic Lily Pink Asiatic Lily Pinkish-Yellow Asiatic Lily Yellow Asiactic Lily
Orange Asiatic Lily Orange Daylily Yellow Daylily Pale Yellow Daylily
Autumn Joy Sedum Royal Wedding English-Style Shrub Rose Peace Hybrid Tea Rose Raspberries
Welcome Home Hybrid Tea Rose Spellbound Hybrid Tea Rose Orange Asiatic Lily Maple Tree


Backyard Pond

Backyard (South Fence)

Flower Bed 1 Flower Bed 1 Flower Bed 2 Flower Bed 2

Backyard (West Fence)

Deck Backyard (North Fence) Backyard (North-East Gate) Shed
Back of Shed Raspberry Bush Annabelle Hydrangea Cherry Parfait Grandiflora Rose
Crabapple Tree