Chart Corrections:

These chart corrections have been compiled from newsgroups and bulletin boards and have NOT been verified.
Newer charts may already have had the errors rectified.

I currently only have chart corrections for Mirabilia. They are arranged alphabetically.


Autumn Queen

  1. 109 across, 101 down "half filled /" symbol is backwards. Stitched as DMC 3371 instead of 550.

  2. 102 across, 193 down "o" symbol (DMC 3041) again in the square "[]" symbols (DMC 677). Stitched with 677.

There are not supposed to be the treasures on the bottom half of the pattern (no treasures below the neckline of her dress).

Crescent Dreams
The extra symbol in the floss key should be used for the mouth.

Deepest Love
There is a spot on the lower-right of the veil where a symbol is missing (it's pretty obvious and not hard to find). In the model photo that spot is filled in. You can choose to use either "\" (B5200+3811 which is what I used) or "." (B5200).

Fairy Idyll
The filled in "T" should be stitched in Java Waterlilies. This is used in the hair.

Garden Verses
The "Garden Verses" key is incorrect. Use 3371 for both the empty square and the solid square.

Garden Verses
Braid #4 829 should be #8 829.

Lady of the Flag
All of these are on the side of the chart that is her head and upper body.

  1. In her yellow gown:
    8 squares of 10 in from the right and 2 squares of 10 up from the bottom. There is a 'U' (red) symbol in among the straw colors...'/'s,'8's etc. That 'U' symbol should be a '/' DMC 712.

  2. To the left of and beneath her elbow:
    14 squares of 10 down from the top, and 3 squares of 10 in from the left. There is a vertical column of 3 'Y' (bright yellow) stitches in an otherwise gray stripe of the flag. They should be symbol '6' DMC 414. You will know it when you get to it because there is no yellow in the red and white striped area of the US flag.

  3. In the flag:
    75 stitches down from the top and 11 stitches to the right of the left edge of the chart there is a square with no symbol in it. This should be stitched in white.

  4. In the field of blue on the flag:
    8 squares of 10 down from the top, and 3 squares of 10 in from the left. There is a '<' symbol which would be for a MH bead #02022. This lone bead in the middle of the flag looks out of place to me. I believe it should be a symbol 'c' DMC799-824 tweed.

  5. In the flag:
    At 94 lines down from the top of the chart and 66 lines to the right of the left edge of the chart. They symbol in this square is for a bead. There are no beads in the red and white striped areas of the flag, therefore I think it would be best to stitch this square using DMC 309.

Queen Mermaid
There is an area on the left, where the end of her hair is peeping out from behind her body. The symbol is "N" which is 470 or 471 (its GREEN!). Replace the "N" as a "d" to get the blending right.

Rose Arbour

  1. In the girl's hair, there is a symbol "A" for which there is no floss number. It is supposed to be a blend of 729 and 3822.

  2. In the left pot, 31 rows from the bottom of the pot, 19 rows from the left of the pot, there is a symbol of the filled-in, upside-down triangle. The color for that symbol is 934, but if you stitch is as drawn, it looks very out of place. And since the two pots are identical, if you look on the other pot, you can actually see that it should be 926, which is the blueish-grey, rather than the green.

  3. In the wirework above the right pot, approximatey fifteen stitches above the greenery. It looks like the printer shifted over an entire row of symbols four squares to the left.

Santa's Magic
All references to 102 fine (#8) braid should be replaced with 052hl fine (#8) braid

Spring Queen

  1. The 'S' symbol in her hair (right in the middle of a cluster of beads with no other 's' in sight). Think that's supposed to be 898 (at least, that's what's around it.

  2. A "||' symbol in the sleeve closest to the bouquet. Think that's supposed to be the dark filled heart (333)

  3. An '=' symbol in one of the flowers on her bouquet. Supposed to be - (745)

  4. Among the flowers, among the filled triangle symbol for 935 there are three solid black squares (not in the floss list). Stitch the black squares as 935.

  5. On the left-hand sleeve, there's a spot in the beading where (work from the top 2011, down about 3, you'll see it) the symbol is for 3055 ... it should be 2011.

  6. Towards the very bottom right hand side of the skirt there's a dark, filled in triangle (floss color 340) kinda sticking off at an angle - it's right near the last row of 3055 beads on that side *in* the tip of the skirt (where there's the 3 rows of beads leading to the left) ... that should be either 830 or 832.

    For reference the area roughly looks like this:

    ... triangle bead E
    ... triangle E triangle (<- this is the one that should be changed)
    ... bead 830 E

The Kiss
These changes apply to charts where the instructions appear upside down through the folder. "Due to printing errors beyond our control, please make the following changes: In the bottom 30 rows of the printed graph, please replace <symbol for> 677 with <symbol for> 3799. The instructions should list the symbol "b" as 317-3799." The symbol "b" is a solidly filled in symbol.

Waiting for Ships
Not really a chart error, but the symbol of the very small 'o' number 729 is not used on the chart, but is in the list. So just skip putting that color in your floss box.

Winter In My Garden

  1. The berries above her head are the wrong symbol. They should be 4 diamonds in a diamond pattern.

  2. On the left side, there is a white dot that goes into the border that shouldn't be there.

  3. On her shoulder towards the blue bow part up top, in the middle of the > symbols there are 2 symbols of a black slash with a dot in the middle of it. Changed that to be > instead.

  4. All the way across from error 3 and down 2 rows there is a + in the middle of the > symbol.

  5. On her jacket in the Y area of her shoulder there is a U, changed it to a Y.

  6. The backstitch lines from the paper in her hand are missing.