Mirabilia - The Easter Fairy Limited Edition Kit

Mirabilia - Easter Fairy Mirabilia - Easter Fairy Mirabilia - Easter Fairy Mirabilia - Easter Fairy
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Mirabilia - Easter Fairy

Date Started: 06/16/2005
Date Completed: 07/22/2005

Fabric: 32 ct Natural Linen from Zweigart
Dimensions 5.5" x 7.25"

I wasn't planning on stitching the Easter Fairy before, but after looking at pictures of other stitchers, decided to get her for myself. I do agree that I think Nora Corbett's designs probably don't do so well with the variegated threads. I'm having misgivings about the stripey looks of the piece. Oh well, maybe when it is completed, I'll be able to stare at it in the distance and be happy with it. I honestly don't understand why I persist in using the variegated floss despite the availability of DMC conversions. I'm strange I guess.

I've been plagued with the Frog fairy on this piece so far. The first case being one of the floss threads was strange and was too thin (not giving good coverage). I noticed it almost immediately but thought maybe it would look okay in the end. However, after stitching a fair bit, decided I didn't like it and had to frog it.

The second time I miscounted for the right leg. I simply despise having to frog over ones. Arrggh! Hopefully I won't have to frog much more on her.

Didn't get as much stitching as I had hoped over the holiday weekend. Was busy visiting family which was great fun.

Not much progress on her so far. This month has been a busy month. We had friends visiting us this time for about 10 days


Framed! Thought it needed a little something extra, so I hot glued the two ribbons to glam it up a little more. :)