Mirabilia - Halloween Fairy Limited Edition Kit


Mirabilia - Halloween Fairy

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Date Started: 09/07/2006
Date Completed: 10/23/2006

Fabric: 32 ct Natural Linen from Zweigart
Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.25"

Hoping to get her finished by Halloween. Would be nice to get her framed before Halloween too, but since I only frame when there is a 50% off sale for all framing costs at Michaels, that may not happen.

5 days ago, I ran out of Dandelion Stem for the last 3 rows of the upper left wing (technically her right wing). Called Hoffman's as suggested on the Mirabilia bulletin boards and received the floss today. I finished it, but the dye lot is quite different. Luckily it was only the three little rows. I'm thinking it won't be so obvious once she is finished.

Finished! Ran out of Black Coffee but just snagged my leftovers from the Christmas Elf kit. I thought I had enough at first, then realized it was 2 strands for the backstitch as well. This fairy is a little mixed. Partially because I started using my leftover beads for some other project, but when I ran out and started using from the pack that came with the kit, I realized that there were some slight variations in their colour. Oh well. I don't think it is very noticeable.