Bean Videos
One stop shop for Little Bean videos arranged chronologically.

Ollie Videos
One stop shop for Jolly Ollie videos arranged chronologically.

Misc. Videos
Miscellaneous Videos

Pictures Database (Flickr)
Flickr has better bandwidth. Have abandoned putting up our pictures in the old pictures database.

Pictures Database (Old)
Not all the pictures have been sorted into albums. So if you really want to make sure you don't miss anything, go to the image list instead.

Wedding Pictures
You'll need to click on the main picture to see the rest.

Completed and WIP projects.

Misc Needlework
Sewing and crochet items.

My Garden
Trying to organize my pictures of my garden here.

Seagate (TCO Site) gives out free pumpkins every year around Halloween for a pumpkin carving competition.
These are my entries. These are not store-bought templates, but my own original design.

These are the people I work with everyday.

Eco Seagate 2007
Pictures of Eco Seagate 2007 which was held in Queenstown, New Zealand.

CSIS541 Search Engine Project
This just contains the code and setup information. The actual search engine is no longer available.
This is because there are severe limitations to this code at this time, as the function to strip off the HTML tags does so successfully only if the begin and end tags are on the same line.

It is doubtful that I will continue to work on it.
One more semester in Fall 2004 and I will be done with school.
(University of St Thomas -- Masters in Software Engineering)

CSIS626 Student Scheduler (Client-Server) Project
This contains the code and setup information.

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